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Dr. Michael T. Johnson

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

My research interests include a broad range of topics related to speech, signal processing, and language. In recent years, this has included the following topic areas:

Relationship between articulatory kinematics and speech acoustics
In collaboration with Dr. Jeff Berry of Speech Pathology and Audiology

Research Assistantships are currently available in the Speech Lab, related to projects in Computer Aided Language Learning and Computer Aided Pronunciation Training. More information is available in this RA Position Announcement. For more information or to apply for a position, contact Dr. Johnson.

Analysis and classification of animal vocalizations, and bioacoustic signal processing
In collaboration with numerous collaborators in the field of bioacoustics.

Speech enhancement

Dynamical systems modeling of speech signals
In collaboration with Dr. Richard Povinelli

I also have a close research collaboration with Tsinghua University and Professor Jia Liu, and have worked with their research group on several speech projects

Recent Side Project

What are the Odds of a Perfect Bracket in the NCAA tournament?

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