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Electromagnetic Articulography (EMA)

Electro-Magnetic Articulography (EMA) has been a rapidly growing technology for accurate measurement of articulatory kinematics. This technology is based on measuring the induced current caused by motion of encapsulated miniature toroid coils in a system of electromagnetic fields.

The Marquette Speech and Swallowing Lab, directed by Professor Jeffrey Berry, has an EMA Wave System manufactured by Northern Digital, Inc. Our NDI Wave system captures both position and orientation at a sampling rate of up to 400 Hz, with position error on the scale of +/- 0.5mm. A single sensor captures 5 Degree of Freedom (DOF) information, including 3 dimensional position information plus the 2-dimensional orientation of the sensor plane. A 6 DOF sensor can be constructed using dual non-planar coils to capture full orientation information.

The simultaneous acoustic and articulatory kinematic data collected via this system is used to pursue research on a range of topics, including:

We have several National Science Foundation funded projects related to this EMA work. These projects include:

Research Assistantships are currently available through these projects in Computer Aided Language Learning and Computer Aided Pronunciation Training. More information is available at RA Position Announcement. For more information or to apply for a position, contact Dr. Johnson.


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