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Tree of Life

The Tree of Life area of the library is a reference for the various sound production and reception mechanisms of a wide range of species.

Sound Enhancement Toolkit for MATLAB

The toolkit implements a graphical user interface (GUI) for performing various signal analysis tasks including spectrogram generation, formant tracking, power spectral density plots and others. There are also a number of enhancement algorithms included. Unzip the package to a directory and add it to your MATLAB path. Help can be found by typing 'help SoundEnhance' at the MATLAB command prompt.

Download Code (zip 111kB)
Download Technical Program Description (pdf 11kB)
Screenshots (link)

Recognition Toolkit for MATLAB

The REU team built a program to be used within MATLAB to help scientists, reasearchers, etc. with sound recognition. The program has a graphical user interface to help the user with all the steps involved.

The system has the ability to set up all of the user's sound files into categories so the sound files do not have to be arranged in a specific fashion. The program will also convert the *.wma sound files into *.mfc so the HTK tools can build the definition files.

In addition, the program can also take a file the user doesn't recognize, and "guess", based on the definitions created from older data.

Download Toolkit(exe 1.97Mb)
Screenshots (link)

XBAT Filters

The XBAT filters are an addon for the XBAT project. The filters are algorithms that graduate researchers have been developing. The filters include Ephraim Mahlahl, Spectral Subtraction, Perceptual Wavelet Decomposition, and others.

Download Filters(zip 230Kb)

News Articles


Project Summary (pdf 68kB)
NSF ITR Meeting Poster, June 2004 (pdf 85kB)

Many other publications can be found at

Bioacoustics Research Labs

Marquette University - Speech and Signal Processing Lab
Wildlife Tracking Center at Disney's Animal KingdomTM
University of Connecticut - Department of Animal Science
University of Connecticut - National Undersea Research Center
FAUNA Research Communications Institute
Adam Mickiewicz University - Department of Behavioural Ecology
Dolphin Communication Project at Mystic Aquarium and Institute for Exploration

Bioacoustics Research Program at Cornell Lab or Ornithology
University of California - Davis
Boys Town National Research Hospital - Clinical and Behavioral Studies of Human Communication

Bioacoustic Signal Analysis Programs

Canary (for Mac OS 9.2 and older) -
Raven (for Mac OS X and Windows) -

Polynesia -

Signal -

MobySoft -

Ishmael (part of MobySoft library) -

CIBRA (Italy) -

Syrinx -

UltraVox -

SpectraXXX -